Repair Electronics in Kernersville, NC

Rebuild Vs Repair

Since 1995, ERD Industrial Electronic Repair has followed the “rebuild it rather than just repair it” model of service when we repair electronics in Kernersville, NC. Electronic devices tend to weaken over time–it’s simply physics. Aging capacitors are the most common culprits, but other discrete passive and active components lose their vitality over time as well.

Every item we receive is taken apart to its most simple assemblies. Our technicians then evaluate those items for wear or heat damage and follow our internal guidelines to determine replacement potential. We replace more components per unit than any OEM or other repair source – this is one of the primary reasons we can offer the only 3-year warranty in the industry. Our team can work with remanufactured and reconditioned electronics alike and produce great results for each.

Our Work In Action

Electronic ComponentsOne prime example of our services is that of Output Drivers – NSK Megatorque Motor Controls.

The Megatorque series of motor controls is a very unique stepper/servo hybrid which achieves very precise high torque. We fix a wide variety of these motor controls and each one goes through our 250-part refurbishment kit before any part of it is powered up for testing.

Many repair centers change the capacitors in the power supply, but we go beyond—replacing all discrete logic in the output stages and several key items in the control board commonly known to exhibit issues. By the time we’re done, new, old, and remanufactured electronics perform as they should.

Take a look at this one part of the NSK motor control.  The unit on the right is shown before any work has been performed.  The output stage on the left has been rebuilt—notice the socketed integrated circuits.

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