Reverse Engineering in Kernersville, NC

Custom Services

ERD Industrial Electronic Repair has successfully executed special electronics projects both at customer’s facilities and at our facility. Our success centers around the extensive experience of our people and their ability to problem solve. We are often called upon to conduct reverse engineering in Kernersville, NC, and fabricate parts that are not available on the world markets.

The benefit to working with us is that we offer major on-site repairs, so our crews come to you. There have been several successful examples of us fixing specialty electronics in this manner, as you’ll see below. No other business will be there for you in terms of repairs and parts fabrication like we will.

At Customer’s Facilities Examples

  • Automotive Plant – Repaired GE Fanuc laser robots, saving facility $1,000,000 an hour in production loss.
  • Large Automobile Shredding Facility – 4,000 HP DC motor and Siemens drive system repair.
  • Cruise Ship – Repaired emergency lighting system at sea prior to entering U.S. Territorial Waters.
  • Internet Service Provider (ISP) – Repaired entire destroyed switchgears system of ISP with 6% of world traffic.
  • Largest Rice Producing Facility in the U.S. – Repaired and medium voltages system. Repaired motor control system.
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant – Repaired 30 feet undergrown flow meter.

At ERD Examples

  • S. Government – Repaired multiple U.S. (ICBM) Intercontinental Ballistic Missile tracking system units for the U.S. Government.
  • Cruise Ship – Reverse engineered and fabricated LED light strings vital to the logo image of a cruise line.
  • Electronic OEMs – Discovered and repaired electronics design flaws in several new OEM produces.
  • Semiconductor Industry – Created a resolution to an industry drive and motor problem, resulting in huge industry cost savings.

Projects like these call for expert work. Contact ERD Industrial Electronic Repair to bring it to you.