Electronic Equipment Repair in Kernersville, NC


ERD Industrial Electronic Repair is your place to turn to when all hope for your unit seems lost. We provide professional electronic equipment repair in Kernersville, NC, for all kinds of machines and units, even those that manufacturers insist can’t be fixed. From reverse engineering to parts fabrication and more, you can count on us to do the jobs that others can’t. Even if your unit is old or obsolete, it may still be usable. We’ve fixed products dating all the way back to the 1950s, saving businesses a large sum of money.

Our technicians average 30+ years of experience in electronic equipment repairs. They are the driving force of our success, keeping our small and local business on or above par with national companies. We’ve even been honored with the E-Award for our incredible work and ability to save machines from ending up in landfills. That’s why you should always call us before giving up on any piece of equipment.

Contact us to schedule a visit from our technicians. We will come out to your location to do the work.