Industrial Electronic Repair in Kernersville, NC

ERD Industrial Electronic Repair is an engineer-owned industrial electronic repair company in the United States. We have been servicing a full range of products from basic boards to complex robotics since 1995. Our industrial electronic repairs in Kernersville, NC, include models that are old, outdated, and even obsolete. This is a high need unique service that no one else offers.

We also provide professional firmware backup, so you always have your operating system available.

Our workers will evaluate and quote your unit the same day, and there is never a fee for this service. With documentation from more than 10,000 manufacturers, we remain the best resource for servicing electronic boards and systems that date back as far as the 1950s.


Industrial Electronic Repairs Worldwide

Our organization has repaired more than 4,500 Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brands since 1995. The ERD customer base also spans more than 70 countries and 5,500 organizations. Our projects have included repairing units for 45 of the Fortune 100 companies. This makes us particularly well-suited to dealing with the difficult and tenacious problems brought about by harsh, demanding manufacturing environments.

The Industry’s Best Warranty

Our 3-year warranty is the best in the industry. We don’t just do unit and circuit board repair; we refurbish the units to as close to like-new condition as possible. This warranty serves to offer peace of mind for you and your business.

Quality Repair Technicians and Service

Our technicians average 30+ years of electronic repair experience. We stand behind our repairs with pride and our best in the industry 3-year warranty. The repair work we do covers a complete range of OEM equipment. Within hours of being received, your part is analyzed, evaluated, and quoted. We have invested in sophisticated “Digital Component Testing Equipment,” and this procedure allows us to repair units no other facility can.

Helping You Reuse and Recycle

At the core of our repairs is the confidence that our service in no way causes environmental harm. On the contrary, if industrial electronics are not repaired, they end up in landfills around the globe.

We are committed to helping businesses. Contact us for information on our experience and credentials at 1-336-992-3611.