Siemens 6dr1900 Sipart Temperature Controller Repair

This unit is a 6dr1900 Temperature Controller used in many types of large industrial systems including equipment found in packaging, machining and robotic assembly. ERD repairs many of these for the Multiple Industries under our 3 Year Warranty Repair program.  This Siemens was completely rebuilt from top to bottom and the major failures were problems in all the power supply and in the temperatre probe input. After repair we hooked up the temperature controller and fully tested the unit. This particular repair took 6 days to complete as it was a normal repair time repair.




Repairs Performed:

  • Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Power supply Transformer
  • Input op-amp


This model of temerature controller comes in MANY variations – all of which ERD is able to repair.

Siemens 6dr1900 sipart temperature controller repair

Siemens 6dr1900 sipart temperature controller repair

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