Nedap 9555994 UV Lamp Ballast Power Supply Repair by ERD

This unit is a Nedap 9555994 UV Lamp Ballast Power Supply with 3.1kw of output power at a wopping 550Vrms and was fully rebuilt under our 3 Year Warranty Repair program.  This power suppply/ballast was completely rebuilt from top to bottom and the major failures were problems in the power output stage and burned output fet’s.  After repair we hooked up the Ballast to our 3kw UV Lamp and tested it fully as shown in the video. This particular repair took our standard 10 days to complete. At ERD we offer full support for all the associated parts found on in UV water treatment systems.



Repairs Typically Performed:

  • Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Fet’s
  • Discrete NPN PNP Transistors

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If you have a broken power supply or any other electronic component contact us by phone 1-336-992-3611 or email us at, we will evaluate and quote your unit the same day, and there is never a fee for this service.


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