3 Year Warranty

ERD offers the most extensive warranty in the industry. How can we offer such a warranty? The short answer: Because we are the best in the industry! The long answer: Our technicians average over 20 years of experience over a large cross section of industrial electronics. Our warranty offers peace of mind for both you and your business.

Warranty Policy:

Units repaired by ERD carry a 3 Year Warranty if repair is completed for the owner of the equipment - all third party repairs carry a full one year warranty - both cases are from date of invoice. ERD reserves the right to limit the warranty based on excessive use from 3 years to 1 year. Exceptions will be handled on a case by case basis and will be documented in writing.

For warranty items, please use ERD's Warranty Information Form to email/fax your request along with a detailed description of the nature of the failure prior to returning the unit to ERD.

ERD's warranty covers all work repaired by ERD engineers. The root cause of the failure must be determined by an ERD technician to be due to an internal failure of the component or workmanship. Claims where the failure is determined to be from an external cause will invalidate any warranty claim. In the case of a valid claim we will make no more than three repair attempts before we will issue a Trade Credit towards a future repair. Return shipping via UPS ground or equivalent shipping is covered at ERD's expense if the unit is under warranty. This warranty does not carry over to any other company, person or entity. It only applies to the original company that placed the order. Expedite and shipping fees are not refundable. Invalidated warranties may be charged a minimum of 10% of the original repair charges and will not be released if the customer is under a credit hold. ERD does not warranty any application software, user programs or firmware. Units deemed inoperable due to custom application item(s) and/or firmware are not considered a warranty.

Closed Loop Systems: Because of the complexity and interaction of a closed loop system, any system that is not fully verified by ERD at the time of the repair will have limited support under the 3 Year Warranty. Any warranty claims will be discussed with ERD as to what extra components need to be included for warranty evaluation. Any tuning for a closed loop system will incur additional charges.

Without limitation this warranty shall not apply to items that have failed due to operation exceeding the rated capabilities, failure of software, misuse or abuse, tampering, improper installation, improper setup or storage, neglect, contaminant damage, water or other fluid damage, acts of God or Nature or by any other cause not within reasonable control and which by the exercise of reasonable diligence is unable to be prevented.

rev 10/13