Fluke 12 Repair

This is the specific repair catalog page for Fluke 12, repaired by the expert repair technicians of ERD Ltd. For over 15 years our highly experienced repair staff has performed thousands of repairs on many OEMs including Fluke 12 and has performed these repairs in an average time of less than 10 days. Each and every Fluke 12 repair comes with ERD's industry-exclusive 3 Year Warranty and a well-documented report on what was done to repair the Fluke 12.

If you would like to have ERD repair your Fluke 12, call us at 1-336-992-3611 or ship the unit to our facility in Kernersville, NC and you will receive a firm quote for your approval the day we receive the unit. And if you have other repair needs not found in our extensive repair catalog, please feel free to contact us - new repair items are added daily, and ERD has a long tradition of repairing even the most complicated electronic controls.