NSK EDC-PS1006AB502 servo motor Repaired by ERD with a 3 Year Warranty

ERD repairs servo motor like this one made by NSK as well as all other Industrial Electronics. We also offer a same day quote on all our repairs.
The NSK EDC Series servo motor is only a part of the Mirra® MESA CMP 200mm | Applied Materials Polishing Machine in the semiconductor wafer pre-fab industry.
The NSK servo motor is going through our motor phase test to insure proper operation after the repair.
ERD repairs and refurbishes a complete range of OEM industrial electronic equipment, from basic boards to complex robotics, and will evaluate and quote your unit on the same day.

To find all of ERD Ltd Inc. repair capabilities go to http://www.Industrialrepairstore.com or give us a call at 1(336)992-3611. We are here for all your industrial electronic repair needs.