North Atlantic 5300 programmable instrument Repaired by ERD with a 3 Year Warranty

ERD repairs programmable instrument like this one made by North Altalntic as well as all other Industrial Electronics. We also offer a same day quote on all our repairs.

NAI’s 5300 Synchro/Resolver Standard & Simulator is a laboratory-grade, programmable instrument. This model can be used as a true Synchro/Resolver standard for calibrating and testing automatic test equipment (ATE) for Calibration/Metrology Labs, and for Engineering Design and Production Test environments. It can also be used to measure angle position indicators (API) and Synchro-to-Digital converters for static or dynamic characteristics. This model also may use an external reference waveform.

The 5300 is self-contained and can be remotely controlled by a computer via the interface connector on the rear panel. It is self–calibrating, compensating for errors due to changes in voltage and frequency settings, temperature, and long-term drifts. It is ideally suited for defense, industrial, and commercial applications.

ERD repairs and refurbishes a complete range of OEM industrial electronic equipment, from basic boards to complex robotics, and will evaluate and quote your unit on the same day.

To find all of ERD Ltd Inc. repair capabilities go to http://www.Industrialrepairstore.com or give us a call at 1(336)992-3611. We are here for all your industrial electronic repair needs.

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7 Results